Human Eyes was previously an original New Zealand Band located on the Kapiti Coast in the early 90's. These songs are original unmastered/unpublished /unreleased songs that I believe are relevant for today, even more so then when they were written/recorded back in 1994. I am in the process of re-recording many older unpublished songs along with the bands original Bass Player- Gavin Beardsmore who now lives in Aussie while I am in Las Vegas with my Rock Genre Cover Band (CoverJunkies).

I intend to record and release these lost songs as singles. The original recordings were produced in Wellington, New Zealand and the engineer was the well known sound guru - Nigel Stone.

The Original Human Eyes Band was:
Danny Ortiz: Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars
Gavin Beardsmore: Bass
Daniel Rhodda: Guitars
Phil Aldridge: Drums

We hope you enjoy these songs and if you are interested in recording these songs or using them for any type of production, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss using them under my copyright.

I own and claim all rights to these songs and they are my property. Many Thanks to Gavin Beardsmore for the excellent Bass work you hear on these tracks.

Added Extra Originals: 2 songs from 1988 recorded in Orange County California previous to the formation of Human Eyes. Written by Danny Ortiz, Guitar and Vocals. (Guns Of Fire & Would You Walk Around With Me)


Human Eyes Video

Original Video
Danny & Gavin 1994
Danny & Gavin - 1994
Human Eyes Band
Human Eyes Band - 1994


Human Eyes - Kapiti Coast NZ 1994
Danny Ortiz - 2020
Gavin Beardsmore - 2020